SEAMS exhibits a wide range of exclusively designed jewelry at a reasonable price, inspired by fashion and youth culture.

From Stockholm, with Love.

SEAMS was born as an experimental project, mostly as a hobby and a way to provide jewelry for friends and family. Ultimately, it was made clear to us that there was a huge market gap in jewelry that appeals to the next generation of youths and creatives currently shaping the fashion industry – in terms of both pricing in relation to quality as well as design.

As a result, SEAMS came to life with an idea – to turn an everyday accessory like jewelry into something that young people can proudly wear, with a distinct brand that they can truly resonate with.

SEAMS wants to challenge and evolve the current jewelry market and the standards that come with it. We want to push all existing norms, standards and boundaries related to jewelry. For instance, we want to nullify the concept of gender biased jewelry. We want to take a big step away from the dull and boring that already exists and focus on exciting, innovative designs that go hand in hand with youth culture elements.

SEAMS exhibits a wide range of exclusively designed jewelry in recycled .925 Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel at a reasonable price.